well not much happened today
i am talking to an old friend who moved away, Sonia
i just got back from a DD with Jocelyn
and i’m trying to figure out what i should do
homework wise
thats what i should do
ahhhh not feeling it
feeling that
“i don’t wanna grow up”

thats what i’m listening to
i really don’t want to grow up
but i guess it’s a little late for that
actually i do want to grow up…
i want to be on my own
i want to work on a ship
i think
i i i i i i i i i i i iiiiiiiiiii i
don’t know what to say
this is getting boring?
is that what your thinking?
i am thinking about going to my friend,
Helenas party
i think i will
i would really like to be able to speak Danish
i am just fucking shy about it
and maybe a little lazy too
also bass i want to learn to play bass
ahhhhh savanna?##@#$%$!
hehe weird it turned blue and underlined
what now
i can’t teurn my brain on
it feels over used
i even spelled turn wrong
with out noticing til lots later
i need to leave
and also piss………