awesome weekend
coming to an end
not so awesome homework
not even started
fucking economics
fuck it

back to my awesome weekend

that was at Helenas
the big guy passed out
Aaron and i took advantage of this
and took pictures
(on Helenas camara unfortunatly)
saturday day morning
we went down to the sea
i took more pictures
then i went home
to adios my friend Rene
on the way home
i saw some alcoholic guys
they were argueing
cause one of them was treating his dog bad
and they all have dogs
ok well here only this one did
but i have learned most alcoholic people have dogs
and this one did and he was mad at it
then he left
the others talked about it
for the half hour i had to wait for the bus
but when i got on the bus
i saw them hugging each other
in forgiveness
ok so the big adios:
i went to my boyfriends
Kasper made a cake-a special cake
to say goodbye to a good friend
oh it was a good cake
and then we went to a guy we know
to get a little something for rene
we hung out there with him for awhile
it was nice
we left and hung out
in the basement
ate some ice cream cake
fell alseep
were awaken
came back to the boarding school
thats me and my boyfriend now
did a little something-something
slept more
i have left out one very important detail
part of the oh no (or on ho hehehe just kidding) factor
me and my boyfriend got a little creative on the couch
Kasper walked in
oh no
anyway back to what i was saying:
oh yea now we are to sunday
so sunday-today
well sometimes its better to sum things up in a quote:
Krog – says:   babe, if you think about it, all we did today was to sleep, have sex, take a shower, eat, have sex, eat, sleep