maybe i do have a little more to say………..

Today has been a wonderful day
first i had two hours of school!
next i went down to town
with my ipod
on the way back
i had a music video moment
this really good song
by Donvan
just ended
and then
Take me to the river
by Talking heads
came on
it was like everything slowed down
for the song
while i was walking
i passed a guy
right when he started singing
and then i passed an old lady
and, of course, smiled
as i always do
she actually smiled back
she looked so sweet
then went to get lunch
and i was just in a really good mood even thoughit wasn’t that good
then my boyfriend called and was like
where are you a i want to come over
i was like ok cool
then we met and i slipped
a little surprise i had gotten fot him in town
into his pocket
he didn’t notice
at first then when
we were walking back to the school he did
and he was really happy about it
so that was nice
wow this may be one of the first posts that i wrote in this sort of
i am not sure how the explain it
but i guess i mean the first one where i am writing like i would be talking if i were telling some one

oh and by the way that picture was not from today
it was from last year
out of my window
what a nice view!

oh and one last thing that makes it a good day
it friday!!