I was in a fucking shitty mood
i am so confused and i don’t know how to feel
but then i went for a walk

i saw beautiful light pollution
and i got a nice picture
my mood was much improved
ahhhh nice
it was really nice and relieving
well it didn’t last for so long
i eat dinner
then i came back on my computer and rembered what a shitty mood i was in
i don’t want this vacation to be over so soon
i don’t want to go to school again
i feel like such a failure there
and i had so much shit to do that i haven’t done yet
and i am not really planing to do
but i have too
fuck that for a while
and let us think about the super christmas party i went to last night
mommy with wine
my momma enjoying a glass of wine
romantic candle lighting
the moon
the moon and the bottom of a christmas tree
and last but not least