and no pictures to prove it!  (what has happened to you savanna)
but a cool story none the less………………………..

 Around 6 (before and after) here in Georgia (midnight in Denmark) on new years eve i was talking to Merita, Michael and Mike (hhmm all M’s) anyway they were all telling me how their new years were going, so that was cool. Then I had dinner and my really good old friend,Jennifer, (we have been friends since we were like 9, i think, she is one of the four from before, we haven’t seen each other so much lately, figures) came over.
she hung out and talked a while i showed her pictures of my friends and my boyfriend, she thought he was cute, and she thought Michael was cute too
(don’t worry Michael she knows your gay) Well anyway we talked to Merita on webcam for a while, that was fun. Then we did the real new years thing, at 11 we went to my cousins house (i forgot my camara but there was no going back to get it) to shoot fireworks. We first come up from the back and see my uncle and cousin listening to some old school rap, looking pretty kool (that mispelling was intended) and my cousin was dansing to it a little, that was cool. Then time was time to start shooting fireworks (11:15 PM) they were pretty cool but the were pretty soon done (11:25 PM) and as my cousin said all we have now is champange. So that what we did, drank champange, then our party girl neighbor came well we escorted her over. Then my sister and her girlfriend came (11:45ish) hoping they didn’t miss the fireworks, as you know they did. so we’re hanging out and my family is getting weirder and weirder (drunker and drunker) My father retrived some rather good looking firworks from our neighbor who had joined us earliers house, we realised shortly after to our disappointment that the were actually rather lame, so we all left the dock (other then my father, uncle and cousin) later to return to find that some how my cousin lit them all at once and nearly burnt the dock.  Solvej and Katie decide to go home to finaly eat their pizza (that they had abandoned in their hurry to see the fireworks) Shortly after my parents, uncle a party neighbor (later to discuss global warming) removed their clothes and jumped in the lake, my cousin came out and opon seeing this ran (stumbled rather) down the join them. I informed his girlfriend who there after stole his clothing, fortunately my thoughtful aunt had brought down towels for everyone. So he came back wearing a towel then reclothed himself. when he returned, clothed, he procied to ask me if i would not join him in smoking a little pot, look what it did to him, he said refering to his friend who had been sleeping on the couch since we arrived (not including the short moment he gather himself together for the big momment (12:00)) anyway i just laughed.
        My friend seemed ready to go home
(seeing as her parents are rather strict) i went down to talk to my mother who suddendly had a rather English accent i rather shortly after caught this illness so we began discussung they matter and how we should appoarch this stituation, when we should go home or whatnot she said Jennifer should just say when she was ready to leave and we could take her back to our house, where she could drive home from. Opon hearing this Jennifer came up with a reasonable plan i drive her to my house and then just drive back so my parents don’t have to be bothered (seeing how drunk they were it seemed more then reasonable) so we ran this by my mother who concured, it was a rather good plan. So we went forward with this plan. I drove her home and went in to talk to Solvej and Katie. I ended up staying there longer than i planned. When i returned only my parents and my aunt and uncle were remaining. we stayed and talked for a while and then i drove home. 
       i consider it a pretty succesful evenin. The only thing that i find a little disappointing was that the last thing my cousin said to me was fuck you. He said it for no reason. But i will just account that to his high amount of intoxicativity and say fuck that. imagine though for a momment a family with some neighbors and friends thrown in the mix getting together and just having a good time. The whole time blasting loud as hell music, while the grandmother visiting from germany, sleeps or at least doesn’t come down to ruin the party, celebrating james brown, and no one getting burnt servely.     I love my famiy