i can’t find my little thing put plug my camara into my computer
i can’t put new pictures up
i have nothing to say
i’m boring
boring and lazy
but its been an awesome weekend so far

and we don’t have school monday
the only down side so far
the guy at the little pit stop wouldn’t make french fries
(freedom fries exxccuuuss me heh)
because the place was closing in half an hour
half a fucking hour!
dude, i understand that if its lke 4 minutes
but 30 so much can happen in that time
i mean think about all the shit you can do in half an hour
and its fucking saturday night
and you can’t make me fries french fries
i have the fucking munchies
and the boarding school food sucks
well actually
at the time i was just really fucking disappointed
i just bought chips enstead
and eat the shit out of them
and Jocelyn briught those peanut butter cup ball things
they were so awesome
that was last night
the night before i was at a gym fest
it was really fucking awesome
i had a really good time with boyfriend
before and during  heh
wwooooo dance dance sweat
awesome band
bad boys of boogie
heh shitty name awesome music
“sweet home alabama…..”
anyway i had a super time