here is my apology

i am sorry creepy guy
i am sorry that you want me dead
i saw it in your eyes one day actually
thats how bad it is
you said you’d kill someone in return for my death
and i am sorry about that
i am not sure why you want me dead
i don’t really care either
it was wrong of me to say those things about you
i guess i tend to make jokes without thinking its real people i am talking about
i heard about you and jugded you by it
that was wrong
i don’t care if you really want me to die or not
i don’t care if you forgive me or not
i actually don’t care much about you
but i do care that i did something like that
it was wrong and i am sorry
i know i probably can’t make it up to you
i probably wouldn’t try if i could
but i do regret how i behaved
i am trying to change
and admit my mistakes
but i am an american and its hard for us
i learned that in TOK-
americans don’t like to admit they are wrong
i find it extremely true
i am always trying to defend myself
i don’t make excuses
or don’t tend to anyway
or at least try not too
and i have none
for what i’ve done
i can only say that i feel bad for it
even if it’s not why you hate me
i try to be the nicest person i can
but sometimes i don’t really think i guess
i guess i take some things too lightly
about people who i don’t see as real or friendly or whatever
anyway i hope i never do anything like that again
i am actually really against it
i wish i could stop myself from being so stupid sometimes
but everyone does stupid things…………………………….

so that was that
now its out
well partically i also have to change myself
or be more coinsence of myself