oh no
not cool
not fair and
bad timing
now let me tell you what i know about this terrible thing..

i have had it as long as i can remember
my mom and dad also have it
it is a virus so once you get it have you it for good
the cold sores come and go
it has to do with your immune system, stress, chapped lips, lack of sleep
that sort of thing
i have the kind you get on the lips
on your mouth
they can also be an STD
if someone who has it one their lips
orally pleases someone
they will probably get it
but only during the time that they have an open
cold sore/fever blister/whatever
if someone contacts it on their genitals
and then some one orally pleases them
they can get it in there mouth
the best thing i know to take to get rid of it is
thats such a wonderful thing
but herpes is not curable