I’d like to fly away

From this cold place

From all of this standards

From this life

From myself

But I have dropped my feathers

It’s too late

I have settled

Settled and restless

I am not ready for this

Not prepared for anything else

The darkness

Brings out my other side

My other half

Please just make an agreement

I tare myself apart

And it is useless

I have this life

Sometimes I feel like

I have crushed all my seeds

And left myself with the shells

Shallow friendships

Oh hello, how are you?

How have you been?

And memories that don’t make sense

I am lying on the ground

Feeling a connection to the earth

The ground

There is calmness

This is the feeling I want to live for

On the other side

I’d like to forget it all

And get on with it

And be like the others

Be happy with what we have

What I have

If I went out searching, would I find it?