Looking for the truth

So that’s my Aura

yea it feels kinda like being naked

a little look at my soul

not what  I expected, to be honest

my favorite color is green

and i like purple and blue

and i don’t like pink

anyhow i think it’s nice

i am proud


I believe in the future

but i think we’re getting there in the wrong way

we don’t know where we came from and we’re not even interested in knowing

even a salmon knows where it comes from

i am usually a happy, positive person

my blog represents me as so negative

my computer makes me negative

schedules make me negative

politics make me negative

and most of all applications make me negative

Lie about yourself as much as you can get away with

and maybe you’ll hear from us

we don’t want to know what we’re like

we want to know what you’ve done

and haven’t done

how about a picture of my aura

that would say more


well fuck that

let’s all be happy and naked as much as possible