what wikipedia has to say about me:
 “land which is without trees but with much grass either tall or short”
“land with both grass and trees”.

i am subject to fires even annual fires

and i have five personalities:

  1. tropical and subtropical savanna:
    i am feeling pretty chilled out. at this point i am known for my wild thoughts
  2. temperate savanna:
    i am
    not being extreme in amyway 
    feeling pretty neutral
    being fair  
    not drinking too much
  3. Mediterranean savanna:
    i am characteristic to the people living in the Mediterranean area
    i am surrounded by/nearly surrounded by land (uncomfortable)
  4. flooded savanna:
    when i am
    enjoying my anual drinking spell/completely wasted
  5. montane savanna:
    this refers to when i am going to be a moon shiner living up in the mountains

so to sum it up i have a lot of grass but sometimes that burns then i am pretty much just an open space. i am generally pretty mellow and always spaced out but sometimes i get flooded then i am pretty extreme these floods are said to happen annually along with the fires. i also have lots of wildlife that only pertains to me.