This is the tale of Mayim-water bearer:
Mayim, only child of Leander-water bearer,
  was a proud water bearer
she replaced her father
she was proud of her skill and jugs
both passed on to her from her father
proud mayim
she had a good life

she spent most of her time with Appius-rain arouser
they spent many a sunny afternoon together
soft rain
he would make rain
she would collect it in her jugs

they were very happy
one day, however, Mayim wondered what the rest of the world was like
she wanted to go new places
meet new people
mayim thought
it wasn’t that Appius’ rain wasn’t enough for her
she just wanted to try something new
so she left Appius for the dry world in search of new companions

suddenly she felt very lost and alone
she was not used to this place
she longed for company
anyone would do
lost alone
she met one lively fellow Fintan-fire starter
he had heard of her
and could think of nothing but H2O
he allured her to let her jugs loose
she knew she shouldn’t
but she did
he had tricked her
she was now in the hands of this bizarre stranger

his flames touched her with a harsh hotness

then they lept all around her
she was surrounded
and lost
she could not see clearly
she longed for the soft touch of Appius
she cried out for him for save her from this twisted situation
rain agian
he tried his best
save her!
and got her away from Fintan
still she was not happy
so Appius stopped Fintan completely
she was relieved but not happy
she was stained
her mind was felled with what happened to her
she knew, very well, it was her own fault
though Appius forgave her without hesitation
she could not forgive herself
she fell apart