my world is so green

green is not greed or money

green is clarity

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sommerin the sun

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what's going on?

I am feeling confused

i am not yet sure about what..

everything i supose

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some days i just don’t know….


some days i am just lost….

it’s all so confusing

too much to think about

I have a whole new life. I am watching a show about some boys trying to find their dad. How exciting. Must be weird to meet your dad when your 23, i wouldn’t have even meeten my dad yet, weird shit. sindsygt. Nothing i can understand. Well there are lots of lives out there……

what am i reaching for?

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ok i am so fucking impressed by this guy i had to make a new post

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shock to the system

good weather two days in a row!!!

fucking nuts

(slight exaggeration)

if you don’t like it hide it
if its not good enough save it for later
if you like it emphasize it

if it hurts you smack it
if its friendly take advantage of it
if is better then you break it
if it tastes good lick it
if it whines hit it
adfgaaaaaaaaafg1 3 5 7 13
if it doesn’t work fix it…………


quote from “A Doll’s House”