i found myself caught in the bright light of the screen….like a fly in a lantern
so dead i found myself searching my own blog
for some kind of answer

how long has it been?

i find i know close to nothing and i have no pictures to share with the world..
what is the point?

Somehow my words feel naked without a picture……


We’re standing right here with all the power in the world

in our minds

and we do nothing

we are trapped in our nonsense useless lives

where what color pants people wear is important

i can no longer understand

i want out

what could be more important than living in a beautiful peaceful world filled with love?

I am endlessly thankful for the beauty of this river

Well i sometimes forget how little i like school

but i now stand reminded

working on a biology report

ahhh my brain!!

two pages to go…two pages to go..just two pages…you can do it!

I even like biology

well i should get back to it

but i don’t wanna

i have to

oh solitaire , please, let me be, no i don’t wanna win more points

oh yea let’s just go to Vegas and win millions

who needs school?

ok i suppose it’s really a luxury

i am just not good at essays

so the reason there is not pcture this time is my computer won’t let me put it there!! silly computer, go get an education

Looking for the truth

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A week ago Savanna ventured out

into that of which she had become so tired

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